Match Bird Names and Codes

This page offers a convenient mechanism for matching English bird names, scientific bird names, 4-letter codes derived from English names, and 6-letter codes derived from scientific names. Data were downloaded from the two sources in early August 2015: the Institute for Bird Populations (IBP) and the Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL).

The IBP list was prepared by Peter Pyle and David F. DeSante at IBP to reflect changes made in the 56th supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union check-List of North American birds published in 2015. It is intended to cover all birds found in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. All its entries are included in the data set.

The BBL list was merged with the IBP list by matching scientific and/or English names. In cases where there was a discrepancy names from the IBP list were used. Unmatched BBL entries that included scientific names were also merged into the data set in approximate phylogenetic order.

Missing codes for entries that do not occur on both lists are represented by a tilde (~) in output tables. BBL codes that differ from IBP codes are followed by an exclamation point (!).

Select the type of item you would like to match, enter text to match, and click the Match Text button. Input is not case-sensitive. MOTMOT, Motmot, and motmot all match each other. Successful matches will be displayed in approximate phylogenetic order in a table of IBP 4-letter codes, English names, scientific names, IBP 6-letter codes, and BBL 4-letter codes. Examples of Matching Bird Names and Codes shows sample output for several matching options. Some BBL codes are not included in the data set. See Notes on Matching Bird Names and Codes for details.

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